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There are a variety of low cost resin 3d printers to choose from, and it can be difficult to know which one is right for you. However, we’ve put together our top 10 recommendations! If there’s something specific in mind or just want help deciding between styles then read below:

Top 10 List of  Best low cost resin 3d printers is given below

Finding the low cost resin 3d printers is very important for them to get fit. To help you find the right one, we analyzed the best-selling products on Amazon and other online retailers. We took into consideration several factors, which include ease of use, durability, weight capacity, and how much space is available in your home.

We’ve consulted top experts who have in-and-out knowledge about the affordable low cost resin 3d printers. We chose a high-quality product with amazing features you haven’t heard of before, and filtered more than 100+ products to give this list its punch!

ELEGOO 3D Printer Resin 405nm LCD Fast UV Curing Standard Resin Photopolymer Resin High Precision Non Toxic Low Odor for DLP/LCD 3D Printing White 1000G
  • 【High Precision & Low Shrinkage 】 The professional resin is designed for reducing the volume shrinkage during the photocuring process which ensures the high precision and smoothness of the printed model.
  • 【Quick Curing & Excellent Fluidity】 The 3D printing rapid resin has high fluidity and low viscosity.It can improve the curing speed and shorten the time without any impact on its quality.Make you have a efficient printing experience.
  • 【Lower Odor & Quality Materials】 The resin is specially designed for 3D printers,its formula can perfectly reduce odors.Without VOC and no irritating gas.Optimize the user's experience during the printing process.
  • 【High Compatibility】 Not only suitable for most LCD/DLP 3D printers,such as ELEGOO MARS,Anycubic Photon,Nova,etc.But also saves the cost of your hobby.
  • 【Well Packed】 The LCD resin leak-proof bottle is safely packed in bubble wrap and package box.Make sure it meets you in the best condition.No worries for leakage.
3D Printing Failures: 2022 Edition: How to Diagnose and Repair ALL Desktop 3D Printing Issues
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  • Aranda, Sean (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
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Siraya Tech Easy 3D Printer Resin LCD 405nm UV Eco-Friendly Plant-Based Rapid Resin Standard Photopolymer Resin Affordable Fast Curing 3D Printing Resin for LCD/DLP Printer and 8K Capable (1kg Grey)
  • Easy to Print- Siraya Tech Easy rapid resin is simple to use as it cures quickly and has lower peel force. Most plant-based resin has weak mechanical strength; Easy is stronger and thus able to print on bigger printers. Siraya Tech Easy 3D printer resin is also easy to clean and sand.
  • Easy on The Environment - Siraya Tech Easy 3D printer resin uses materials from plant-based renewable sources and is more eco-friendly. It reduces the reliance on petroleum while still producing beautiful prints.
  • Great Resolution - Siraya Tech Easy rapid resin has excellent resolution and unique colors, and the prints show lots of details with smooth surfaces. This makes your models look great while reducing the time needed in postprocessing.
  • Ideal for Beginners - Siraya Tech Easy resin is great for students and educators as it is easy to work with and inexpensive with excellent results. Beginners can enjoy the wonders of resin 3D printing with ease and safety.
  • Low Odor and Easy to Clean - Siraya Tech Easy resin produce very little odor in the 3D printing process compared to competing resins. And Siraya Tech fast resin is very easy to clean. After you print, you only need an air gun and alcohol spray to rinse it off, avoiding sticky after printing the model.
ANYCUBIC 3D Printer Resin, 405nm SLA UV-Curing Resin with High Precision and Quick Curing & Excellent Fluidity for LCD 3D Printing (Grey, 500g)
  • Low Shrinkage & High Precision: ANYCUBIC UV resin prints the models with low shrinkage during the photocuring process, which ensures the high precision and smooth surface.
  • Quick Curing & Strong Stability: ANYCUBIC photopolymer resin was specially developed to reduce the forming time with its extraordinary fluidity, and 3d model shows good stability in moist and corrosive environment after cured.
  • Rigidity & Toughness: ANYCUBIC LCD resin has a good combination of hardness and toughness, which brings easy removal of the model and delivers accurate printing details.
  • Multiple Colors & Universal Compatibility: ANYCUBIC standard resins are compatible with the majority of DLP/SLA/LCD 3D printers, works best with ANYCUBIC LCD 3D printers, multiple colors for your choice.
  • Safe & Secure Package: ANYCUBIC UV-Curing resin bottle is packed well in plastics bubble wrap, the cap is completely intact, surrounded by a tight-fitting air bag. No worries for leakage.
SUNLU 3D Printer Resin, 1000g Standard Photopolymer Fast Curing Resin for LCD/DLP/SLA Resin 3D Printer, 405nm UV Curing 3D Printing Resin, Low Shrinkage, High Precision, 1kg, Grey
  • ①【SUNLU Fast Curing 3D Printer Resin】SUNLU standard photopolymer resin will fast cure when it absorbs 405nm UV light from a resin printer(or resin curing machine), suitable for most 4K/8K resin 3D printers(LCD/DLP/SLA).
  • ②【Low Shrinkage and High Precision】During the resin R&D, SUNLU engineers focus on how to reduce resin volume shrinkage during curing to ensure high precision and good stability.
  • ③【High Compatibility and Easy to Use】SUNLU engineers have tried a variety of print settings on different brands of printers, constantly optimizing the resin performance, making SUNLU resin highly compatible and friendly to beginners.
  • ④【Easy to Clean and Light Odor】SUNLU resin can be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol or ethanol, which is very easy to clean and has a smooth surface. The smell is relatively light, and the resin odor will quickly dissipate after printing.
  • ⑤【Leak-proof Bottle Design】SUNLU resin bottle has a leak-proof design patent, and the packaging process is strict, which reduces the damage to the bottle during transportation and ensures that the resin is delivered to the customer in good condition.
Phrozen Functional Resin - TR250LV High Temp 3D Printing Resin, 1KG
  • [Heat Resistant] Phrozen TR 250 LV is able to withstand heat up to 120°C, making it especially suitable for testing products that are 100~120°C
  • [Low Viscosity and Low Odor] With low viscosity, Phrozen TR250LV is extremely easy to use and clean. There are no strong odors while printing, which makes the entire experience much more enjoyable.
  • [Fast Printing] Specifically formulated for LCD 3D devices with 405nm wavelength. Prints now only take 2 seconds per layer (50µm)
  • [Low Shrinkage] 3D models now stay in shape just as it was designed.
  • [Strong Material] TR250LV 3D models come with strength and toughness. Best for printing dental models and industrial parts
ELEGOO 3D Printer Resin Water Wash Resin 405nm Rapid UV Curing Standard Photopolymer Resin Easy to Clean High Accuracy Low Odor for LCD 3D Printing Black 1000G
  • 【Water Washable】 Unlike standard resin, water-washable resin is highly hydrophilic, that is easy to be cleaned by water, you don’t have to buy alcohol to clean. Save your time and money.
  • 【High Precision & Low Shrinkage 】 Water Washable Resin is Features by low viscosity, which can reduce the volume shrinkage during the photocuring process, thereby ensuring the high precision of the printed model.
  • 【Fast Curing & Low Odor】 The UV resin has high fluidity and fast curing speed, which can shorten printing time and increase printing speed. It is environmentally friendly, without VOC and no irritating gas.
  • 【Wide Compatibility】 Compatible for ELEGOO MARS, Anycubic Photon and most of LCD/DLP 3D printer in the market. Its excellent stability ensures the printing experience and successful printing.
  • 【Perfect Packaging】 The leak-proof bottle is packed with bubble bag and packing box to prevent resin leakage. No worries for leakage.
【DR.3D】 3D Printer Resin 405nm Resin for 3D Printer, Low Odor Standard Photopolymer Resin with Rapid LCD UV-Curing for LCD 3D Printing, 500g White
  • 【Superior Printing Accuracy】: With the characteristics of low shrinkage, DR.3D 405nm resin will keep the 3D prints in a stable size . You can get a exquisite 3D work with clear, smooth surface details and high strength.
  • 【Excellent Rigidity】: DR.3D 3D Printer Resin ensure the good strength and high stable meanwhile improve the industy rigidity.
  • 【Smelless】: The 3D photopolymer pesin is make in plant-based resin is refined from soybeans, without BPA, no VOC volatilization, and no irritating gas.
  • 【Broad Applicability】: Don't worry about suiting for your machine or not. The resin has been tested for most printers on the market during the D&P stage. It applicable to 90% of the LCD 3D printers in the 405nm band on the market by continuous optimization.
  • 【Safe and Reliable】: We choose the high cost aluminum bottle to pack our resin, keep it in a completely opaque,dust free, airtight, and sturdy environment. Make sure it meets you in the best condition.
Bar5F Fine Mist Spray Bottles, Pack of 3, Clear
  • Fine mist spray bottle with cap
  • Great value 3 pack of refillable spray bottles
  • Versatile lightweight crystal-clear fine mist spray bottle
  • Fine mist spray bottles are great for dispensing isopropyl alcohol, sunscreen, hydrogen peroxide, hair coloring and DIY liquids
  • Clear and translucent finish tight, secure and crack-resistant
SUNLU 3D Printer Resin 1KG, 405nm UV Curing Standard Photopolymer Rapid Resin for LCD/DLP/SLA 3D Printing, High Precision, Low Shrinkage, Grey 1000g
  • ①【405nm UV Curing Resin】SUNLU standard resin has been developed through many tests by engineers, which can guarantee excellent printing stability, perfect molding effect, high precision with smooth finish of 3D printing results.
  • ②【Low Shrinkage & High Precision】SUNLU team has improved the formulation, focused on reducing volume shrinkage and increasing molding strength, which ensures SUNLU standard resin's high precision and good stability.
  • ③【Fast Curing & Excellent Fluidity】SUNLU 405nm rapid resin has excellent fluidity for fast curing, making the 3D printing models forming faster and the exposure time shorter.
  • ④【High Compatibility & Easy to Use】SUNLU standard resin has excellent printing performance and is suitable for most LCD/DLP/SLA 3D printers. Its excellent stability are friendly to both beginners and advanced users.
  • ⑤【Professional Leak-proof Design】SUNLU resin bottles have a patented leak-proof design and are packed tightly to reduce damage to the bottles during transportation. In addition, the bottle mouth is sealed with aluminum foil to achieve double protection.
PHROZEN 3D Printer Rapid Aqua-Ivory 4K Resin, 405nm LCD UV-Curing Standard Photopolymer Resin for High Precision Fast Printing, Low Odor Not Smelly, Non-Brittle (1KG)
  • 【4K Printing Quality】As part of Phrozen's 4K resin series, Phrozen Aqua-Ivory 4K is formulated to print with the highest resolution to showcase all the fine details.
  • 【Ideal for Miniatures】With its light color and ultra-high resolution, Aqua-Ivory 4K is perfect as a base color, allowing makers to easily paint and add colors to their detailed designs. With its neutral shade, Aqua-Ivory 4K is ideal for printing out head sculptures, action figure miniatures, and more.
  • 【No Shrinkage & Low Odor】Phrozen Aqua-Ivory 4K 3D Printer Resin creates resilient models to ensure that your final product does not break easily like low-cost resins. This formula is specially created to allow every designer to print an exact replica of their creations with the added benefits of no shrinkage and low odor.
  • 【Compatible with Multiple 3D Printers】Phrozen Aqua-Ivory 4K 3D Printer Resin is suitable for most LCD 3D printers. Works best with the Phrozen Sonic Mini 4K and Sonic Mighty 4K 3D Printers.
  • 【Customer Support】 Phrozen regards our customers with the utmost priority. Our professional engineering team is willing to answer your questions and support you along your 3D printing journey.
ELEGOO Standard LCD 3D Printer Resin, Fast UV-Curing 3D 405nm UV Resin Photopolymer Resin for High Precision Rapid LCD 3D Printing Black 1000G
  • 【Fast Curing and Excellent Fluidity】 ELEGOO rapid resin has low viscosity and excellent fluidity. It can be rapid prototyping, developed to reduce printing time, great for making functional parts.
  • 【High Precision and Low Shrinkage】 ELEGOO UV resin has excellent stiffness and toughness, specially designed for reducing volume shrinkage during the photocuring process, which bring smooth surface with great resolution for print model.
  • 【Wide Applications】 It is not only suitable for our ELEGOO MARS series printer but also compatible with most DLP/LCD resin printers. Works best with the LCD 3D Printers.
  • 【Accurate Color Display】 ELEGOO 3D resin is formulated with high-quality pigments and photoinitiators, so that each model printed has a pure and amazing color display like an artwork.
  • 【Multiple Safety Packaging】ELEGOO standard resin have designed Leak-proof bottle, special bubble bag and strong paper boxes to ensure the safety of transportation and storage. Multiple packaging ensures that ELEGOO resin will not leak during transportation.
ELEGOO 3D Printer Resin LCD UV-Curing Resin 405nm Standard Photopolymer Resin for LCD 3D Printing Grey 1000g
  • 【Low Shrinkage and High Precision】ELEGOO photopolymer resin is specially designed for reducing volume shrinkage during the Photocuring process ,which ensures the high precision of the print model with smooth finish.
  • 【Fast Curing and Great Stability】ELEGOO 405nm Rapid Resin was designed to significantly reduce printing time with its excellent fluidity. Meanwhile its great stability and proper hardness guarantee a worry-free printing experience and successful printing.
  • 【Bright and Stunning Colors】: With high quality pigments and photo-initiators inside ELEGOO UV-Curing resin, the models printed with resin have a very pure and stunning color effect just like an artwork.
  • 【Wide Applications】Given the outstanding performances, ELEGOO standard resin is suitable for most DLP/LCD 3D printers. Works best with the LCD 3D Printers.
  • 【Safe and Secure Packaging】Leak-proof bottle fully wrapped with a plastic bubble bag and exquisite designed package box make sure the resin stays in place where they belong
Siraya Tech Form 3D Printer Resin Ultra DLP SLA 405nm UV Curing Photopolymer Resin with High Precision Easy to Print Model Resin for Photon Ultra DLP Laser SLA 8K Capable 3D Printer Grey 1000g
  • 【Easy to print】Siraya Tech Form 3D printer resin is an affordable general-purpose model resin and it is easy to print using the suggested setting. And due to its high polymer formulation, Form is accurate with great precision.
  • 【High Resolution and Surface Finish】Siraya Tech Form resin provide excellent resolution and surface finish. The printed model has a high resolution and smooth surface, which makes your model look great.
  • 【Widely Used】Siraya Tech Form resin is an affordable alternative to OEM options, suitable for Photon Ultra DLP Laser SLA resin printers like Formlabs and Peopoly Moai, and 8K capable. It is formulated to work with both PDMS and FEP vat commonly found on laser printers.
  • 【Easy to Clean and Post-process】Like Siraya Tech resins, Siraya Tech Form 3D printing resin is also VOC free with no harmful substances and can be easily post-processed and clean.
  • 【Safe Packaging and Service】Our Siraya Tech Form resin use tough foam and well-designed packaging boxes to completely wrap the resin bottle to ensure that the resin stays in the correct position. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via Amazon, and we will be happy to help you solve them as soon as possible.
【DR.3D】3D Printer High Clear Resin, 405nm Acrylic Like 3D Resin for LCD 3D Printer, Low Oder 3D Printing Resin, Transparent 1000g
  • 【No yellowing]】Compared with other`s transparent resins on the market, DR.3D toughness photopolymer resin owns high transparency and anti-yellowing characteristics, Looks like PMMA. It will show excellent post-processing transparency after (polishing, spraying UV high transmission oil).
  • 【Low shrinkage and high precision】 DR.3D high clear resin owns low release force and good molding accuracy, which ensure your prints work come out with high definition and good details
  • 【Easy to print】 Low density and high fluidity make the the 3d printer resin reduce the printing time and easy to molding, keep a higher printing success rate.
  • 【Broad Applicability】DR.3D high clear resin is toughness,which is similar as PMMA(Acrylic), it can be print for decorations, product design,structural design and industrial design.
  • 【Safe and low odor】 DR.3D LCD Printer resin is specially formulated to reduce odor. It was passed the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and RoHS certification as well. Any problem please contact us, 24-hour professional customer service will be offered.

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