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Top 10 List of  Best imusa rice cookers is given below

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IMUSA USA GAU-00013 Electric Nonstick Rice Cooker 8-Cup (Uncooked) 16-Cup (Cooked), White
  • Capacity: 8 cup (uncooked) 16 cup (cooked)
  • Automatic cook/warm switch
  • Tempered glass lid with air vent
  • Removable nonstick cooking pot
  • Cooking and warm indicator lights
IMUSA USA GAU-00028 Electric Rice Cooker 10-Cup Uncooked Rice (20-Cup Cooked Rice), Stainless Steel
  • 10-cup Capacity of Uncooked Rice Prepares 20 cup Cooked Rice
  • Stainless Steel Shinny Exterior with On/Off Switch with Indicator Light
  • Spoon & Measuring Cup Included
  • Tempered Glass Lid For Easy Monitoring & Detachable Non Stick Inner Pot
  • Ideal for Cooking Rice, Brown Rice, Oatmeal and More
Imusa GAU-80106 5-Qt. Bilingual Digital Pressure Cooker, Red
  • Digital Display for Easy Reading
  • Bilingual Preset Menu
  • Buttons include Arroz/Rice, Frijoles/ Beans, Carne/ Meat, Pollo/Chicken, Coccion Lenta/Slow Cook
  • Ability to adjust time and pressure
  • Stainless Steel Exterior
IMUSA USA Teal 4Qt Forged Jumbo Cooker with Ceramic Nonstick, 4 Quart
  • Made of Forged Aluminum
  • Soft-Touch Handle and Knob
  • 4Qt Capacity
  • Designed with Reinforced Rim & Thick Base for Strength and Durability
  • 2 Layer Ceramic Nonstick Interior
IMUSA USA GAU-80503 2.6Qt Traditional Colombian Caldero (Dutch Oven) for Cooking and Serving, Silver
  • Made of Cast Aluminum in COLOMBIA
  • Natural Finish ‘Seasons’ Over Time
  • Oven Safe Without Lid
  • Traditional Caldero Design with Lid
  • Ideal for Rice, Beans, Braise Meat, Simmer Stews, Soups and More
IMUSA USA A417-80803 Pressure Cooker Repair Kit
  • Kit Contains Silicone Gasket, Pressure Regulator, Pressure Control Valve
  • Easy to Replace
  • ONLY to be used for Pressure Cooker Model Number Y24A0 (number found on the bottom of Pot)
  • Cannot be used for any other Pressure Cooker Model
  • This Kit will Completely Restore your Pressure Cooker update
IMUSA USA IMU-91710 Black Stone Jumbo Cooker with Speckled Nonstick & Woodlook Handle/Knob 4-Quart, Wood Look
  • Made of aluminum
  • 2 layer nonstick coating with one layer marble coating
  • Stone like texture on exterior body, resistant to high heat
  • Cool touch/ soft touch grip
  • Wood look design on handle helper handle for easy transport
IMUSA USA 6.9Qt Hammered Basic Caldero (Dutch Oven), 30cm, Black
  • Made of Durable Aluminum
  • Color: Black
  • Number of pieces: 1
  • Included components: Lid
Imusa USA Traditional Colombian Caldero, 4.8 Quart
  • Made of Cast Aluminum in COLOMBIA
  • Natural Finish ‘Seasons' Over Time
  • Oven Safe Without Lid
  • Traditional Caldero Design with Lid
  • Ideal for Rice, Beans, Braise Meat, Simmer Stews, Soups and More.Included components: lid, caldero, knob

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