Things to Do in Passau, Germany

Within my River Cruise from Bavaria into Budapest, we stopped in Passau’s beautify city.

The Celts founded the city over 2000 decades back, which makes it one of the oldest cities in Bavaria. It’s located at the Southeast of Germany and will be the last town in the Danube before the border with Austria.

Get Views from Veste Oberhaus

Try Coffee at Café Simon

The city rests at the confluence of 3 rivers, Inn, Ilz and Danube, hence the nickname”City of Three Rivers.” Gentle slopes and these 3 rivers combine to form a cityscape.

Things to Do in Passau, Germany

Visit with the Roman Museum

It has homes and northern buildings that are intermingled with trees to give a intimate setting and an atmosphere that can take you in the world to you.

Attend an Organ Concert at St Stephens Cathedral

For over 400 decades, it had been a part of the Roman Empire, but it became an Episcopal chair. It had been an independent thing for around 600 years until 1803 as it was annexed into Bavaria. Due to its situation, the city grew to great political and economic abilities.

Eat German at Wirtshaus Bayerischer Lowe

Produced in the 17th century by Italian baroque masters, town features some places, lanes boulevards and soaring towers. This is our listing of the very best things.

Things to Do in Passau, Germany

Climb the Heavenly Ladder

Then you need to earn your way up if you’re seeking to catch an excellent perspective of Passau. Veste Oberhaus is a fortress that was built in 1219 about the mountain crest of St. Georgsberg. It’s presently a museum, youth hostel, a restaurant, in addition to an open-air theater.

Visit Ortspitze, Where Three Rivers Meet

From the old town cross the road, and cross the Luitpoldbrücke bridge. There are staircases built into the mountain that lead you up. From here, go right as there are two avenues. It’s a hike, and you’re at the entry of the fortress, before you know it. You will get an epic opinion of Passau Should you turn around there.

Photograph the Schaibling Tower

Things to Do in Passau, Germany

You can then float the fortress grounds, see the museum and on the road out (another leave ) you may get an even higher perspective of town. This is strongly recommended by me!

Subsequently Café Simon is still the area for you, if you’re wanting to try out the most delicious chocolate at Passau. It has been a local favorite since 1903. People rave about their coffee and food, but this is a must stop for any chocolate lover.

Café Simon also supplies you with a superb break from your sightseeing. It’s a that apart from the chocolate that is terrific, provides you with a wide choice of coffee and cakes. It is possible to attend gingerbread demonstrations and tasting as a part of your trip.

It’s also a wonderful place to shop for biscuits to take home. Café Simon is situated on Rindermarkt road, directly in front of St. Pauls church.

Things to Do in Passau, Germany

Surely, you wouldn’t want to visit a historical place rather than know the actual history. Even the Roman Museum is a combination of an archaeological Website and a Museum. There is an instructional film that has a reconstruction of Passau over 600 exhibits and in the Roman period that attempt to explain the Roman rule of over 400 decades.

Since it is situated on the side of River Inn, a distance the Museum is somewhat tricky to find. To reach you, you can take a bus throughout the bridge, or you can also walk from the primary district. You will be taken by walking around 20-25 minutes.

The St. Stephens Studio features the largest Catholic Church organ in the world and is the biggest organ in Europe using its own 17.974 plumbing and 233 stops. The penis is outstandingly unique and contains a marvel. An organ concert there continues about half an hour, and all of the time you’ll be awed with the paintings in the altar the ceiling as well as the beautiful statues.

Things to Do in Passau, Germany

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Things to Do in Passau, Germany

The organ concerts are played in mid-day daily for half an hour from May to October, except. Additionally, there are night concerts on Thursdays at 7:30 p.m. that continue for about 45-60 minutes. All these, in my estimation, are a!

If in Passau and looking for a typical cuisine, Wirtshaus Bayerischer Lowe will be the area for you. It’s at a central place in the city center with a beer garden on a thoroughfare.The area is beautiful, spacious and includes a good bit of tidiness.

There are wooden tables, regular Bavarian decorations and some friendly, wieselflinkles staff. It offers a Bavarian audience to you and it is excellent for the families.

Things to Do in Passau, Germany

If you are searching for an event for a hearty bread period, the food served here is well great. The price/ performance ratio is exceptional, and you’ll walk out from there. The beer tastes great, this is the place for you, and should you would like to eat quickly and simple!

The heavenly ladder is a 321 measure staircase that stretches into the hill-top of Pauline’s Fathers’ Monastery Mariahilf from the Passau Innstadt. At the exact same time, it’s a unique experience, although it supplies you with a adventure to get the cover of the mountain. You cover at each step and may see pilgrims kneel, along with the sight of Passau from above is simply captivating.

Through each of the steps, you’ll be able to respect the sacred pictures, photos and prints before you get to the monastery on very top. The church is well maintained and has a beautiful simplicity in the inside. It supplies a beautiful atmosphere where you are able to sit and think to you.

Things to Do in Passau, Germany

Passau can be called the Dreiflüssestadt, or simply”City of Three Rivers”. Because three rivers flow in town this is. These rivers nevertheless happen to confluent within the city, which makes it one of those areas that you would like to visit in Passau.

The 3 rivers have different colors and where they match, the swirl along like paints on an artiste’s palette. The 3 colors alone are enough to cause you to think of jumping in despite the weather and currents that are exceptionally fast.

Schaiblingturm or the Schaibling Tower has become a witness of Passau’s medieval fortifications. It’s situated at the banks of river Inn and it was a fortified tower back in the 14th century.

The name of the tower is derived from the conical shape of its own masonry: disc- Schaibling. It had been a part of the old salt ship refuge in Passau. Now, it is definitely one of the landmarks of Passau you’d want to visit on your journey at Passau. Ensure that you take a few photos of the tower that is ancient and carry the memories!

Things to Do in Passau, Germany

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Things to Do in Passau, Germany

Passau extends to you a perfect mix. From the rich culture , vast history, the ancient buildings along with the scenic beauty, feel and the look of the city makes you need to commit as much of the experience. Passau when you get an opportunity, jump on it and is worth a visit!

What would you think of of the top things to do in Passau, Germany? Leave a question or comment below! 

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