Which are the Days?

Were you aware that some days are better than others when it comes to booking flights? If you’re a frequent traveler, then you might have been able to work out that based on years and months of booking flights.  But should you travel this info might have escaped you. Is that there are. Continue reading to learn all about the best days to book flights.

The Study

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A research conducted by Wego, the largest online travel market in the Middle East and North Africa, discovered several interesting facts which pertain to the top days to reserve flights. The market, which has been founded in 2005 and has headquarters at Dubai and Singapore, studied information about the price of over one million flight bookings in H1 2019. They used the results to ascertain months to book your airline journey and the least expensive days. What they found was shocking.

Which are the Days?

Study Findings

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Which are the Days?

The days can vary because of seasonality, when and where you fly while the factors in deciding flight prices are. But based on the research of Wego, generally speaking, Mondays and Wednesdays are the best days to book flights. They found that it is possible to save up to $300 USD on those days if you buy your tickets involving 11 p.m. and 2 a.m.

What Not to Do

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Which are the Days?

The analysis found that individuals pay the greatest prices about two hours so I would suggest booking at night. Unsurprisingly, the expense of booking on Saturdays and Sundays is greater than several other days of the week. Weekends have a higher volume of journey than weekdays and those days are much more in demand.  Keep in mind that Saturdays and Sundays aren’t the best days to book flights when buying tickets.

The Bottom Line

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The analysis determined that people tend to book flights at two time intervals during the week : at mid-week and early in the week when the weekend still looks far off. It’s no surprise that lethargy and the tension that puts in during those time intervals that are specific make people dream of the escape.

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Wego also discovered that travelers in the Middle East and North Africa, or MENA, tend to be spontaneous and frequently book their flights at the last moment. Do not do this. Flights are more costly than those that are reserved in advance, so that I highly recommend booking well in advance of your planned departure date.

Is that journey prices frequently skyrocket during peak seasons and about holidays.  These aren’t the best days to book flights.  If you know you will travel during them, I strongly advise buying your tickets long. The folks at Wego agree.

“In Wego, we help holidaymakers to book and plan their own very best vacations by providing data and insights, so the practice is not as daunting,” Wego’s Chief Boat Officer, Dan Wicks, said. “We have complete over 100 A320 airplane every day in H1 2019. Our recipe for traveling more is finding the right date and time of the week and booking well in advance during holidays and peak seasons.”

Which are the Days?

The last thing that any traveler, particularly those on a budget, wants would be to pay exorbitant amounts of cash to fly from 1 place to another. The price of flights is among the key reasons many men and women opt not to travel when they wish to. And while there’s no way to fully eliminate travel expenses, there are lots of things you can do to make it more affordable. Therefore, the next time you feel wanderlust tugging at your heartstrings, hop on the internet about midnight or after. Make it a Monday or Wednesday night, the best days to book flights. Find flights into book and your destination them rather than earlier or waiting till afterwards. You will be happy you did!

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Which are the Days?