VIDEO: The Annual Moldova Wine Festival at Chisinau

David’s Been This is touring the world-famous Yearly Wine Festival of the country.

Taking place wineries from all over the nation come together in Chisinau to provide their wine collections. With songs, dance, lots of food and cultural performances going on, this yearly wine festival is among the most memorable occasions of this season in Moldova. Watch together with David walks us around the 12th Annual Moldova Wine Festival (October 5, 2013), displaying all the sounds, sights and attractions on the way.

Were you aware Moldova was this a wine destination that is big? The nation has actually been home to wineries since 3000 BC, along with traces of grape plantations. During its course, Moldova has been producing wine for itself and neighboring countries, with. This yearly Wine Festival is a must visit, if you love wine tours, wine tastings and everything about viticulture. The best thing about Moldova’s wine festival is, naturally, the wine… however the cultural performances, flavorful food stations, songs, dance and total buzz of Chisinau makes it an unforgettable experience. Be sure you coincide and also the Wine Festival of the country and your trip if you’re planning a trip to Moldova through the beginning of Autumn!

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