The World’s Most Extreme Motor Races

This record of World’s Most Extreme Motor Races takes things into a whole new level, although I’ve always had an affinity for both fast and adventure cars! I understood in also the Gumball 3000 and Germany concerning the Nürburgring race, but hadn’t ever heard of the others. Vertu Lease Cars from the UK published the infographic beneath, which details the planet’s hardest and intense engine races.

The World

I would go for the Rainforest Challenge in Malaysia only so I could attempt off-roading from the country’s dense jungles, When I had to choose just one. I spent a few days in Malaysia’s Cameron Highlands back in January 2014, which gives me a feeling of how really difficult this race is — mosquitos, thick brush, heavy rains, and slippery steep roads… It is taking place soon: Nov. 28 — Dec. 7, 2015.

Which one of the planet’s most intense motor races do you go for? Leave us a comment below!